Four Reasons for Brits to Retire Abroad The Weather (Obviously)

Four Reasons for Brits to Retire Abroad The Weather (Obviously)

If we’re lucky here in the UK, we do see a week or two of summer(ish). But not always. And even when we do, it’s usually either short-lived or coupled with hordes of people all trying to get as much outdoor time as possible causing more traffic, crowded beaches and heaving beer gardens. Retiring abroad means all the benefits and luxuries of good weather without the hiked-up prices of summer attire and the added cost of much-needed annual holidays that give us a break from the rain.

The Lifestyle

There’s something about the thought of pouring a glass of wine to the view of a Spanish evening that just out-does the style of relaxation in the UK. The foods, the beaches, the terracotta villas and warm air. When you retire, the go-for tone is all about peace, quiet and relaxation. What better way to enjoy your life beyond work than to capture all of these things in the perfect location? We’re not saying the rain in Spain never comes. But we can whole-heartedly assume it doesn’t come as often as it does here in Blighty. Retiring abroad is like an endless holiday, without the hustle and bustle of the grind you’ve been used to throughout the whole of your working life.

Cheap Holidays for Family & Friends

Be careful though, they just might never leave. Retirement doesn’t have to be a case of leaving it all behind. Moving abroad gives you the opportunity to offer a sun-filled break for your family, the grandkids or old friends, without all the cost. You’ve done the package deals and the city weekends where you spent too much time on your feet or eating the same old buffet food in the hotel. Think how much more relaxed and special it would be to invite your family into your home, while giving them a holiday at the same time.

Opportunities to Travel

Retiring abroad doesn’t mean retiring from getting out and about and seeing the world as you wish. There’s always an opportunity to rent out your retirement villa if you decide to. The money from the rent-out could even pay for a visit back home once a year or go towards that cruise you’ve been looking at. It’s not about an end to seeing the world, it’s all about the place you come home to when your holiday is over. You know the feeling. You’ve been there. You have a beautiful week in the sunshine and come home to the grey skies and rain clouds of the UK. Chances are, if you retire abroad, you’re coming home to the warm sun, as well as your own bed. The luxury to see sights and still come home to a gorgeous villa in the sun is an absolute no-brainer.